Los Angeles — The Hearing Review is adding its first-ever monthly column to the magazine, as well as its weekly e-newsletter, The Insider. The new column will feature posts from the blogsite HearingHealthMatters.org, which was founded by a number of prominent figures in hearing health care.

They include Holly Hosford-Dunn, PhD, the blog’s editor, who’s been an audiologist for more than 25 years, and associate editor, David Kirkwood, who during his 20 years as editor of The Hearing Journal was an arch-rival of HR.

The new column, which will start in November with a post by Kirkwood titled “Why I Blog,” features a different expert and topic each month, including:

  • Hearing Economics (Dr Hosford-Dunn)
  • Music and Hearing Aids (Marshall Chasin, AuD)
  • Law and Hearing (Fred Cohen, LLB, LLM)
  • Dizziness (Alan Desmond, AuD)
  • Consumer Issues (Gael Hannon)
  • Private Practice (Judy Huch, AuD)
  • Current Topics (K. Ray Katz)
  • Hearing News Watch (David Kirkwood)
  • Applied Hearing Technologies (Wayne Staab, PhD)
  • Hearing International (Bob Traynor, EdD)
  • Hearing Views (David Kirkwood)

Founded in April 2011, Hearinghealthmatters.org features weekly posts by the above experts, as well as by guest contributors. Aimed at all those who believe that Hearing Health Matters, this blog seeks to bridge the knowledge gap between people with hearing loss, dispensing professionals, doctors, researchers, educators, and industry.

HR editor Karl Strom wryly notes, “After conspiring against him for two decades and the start of a third, I’m glad David and I now have the opportunity to work together in an atmosphere where we’re not trying to knock each other down while taking a photo. Although he’s a tough competitor, David and I have always been friends, and the Hearinghealthmatters.org blog is filled with great information from people I’ve worked with for years—including several HR Editorial Advisory Board members. I think their monthly input in HR will be a terrific and timely addition to the magazine and our e-media outlets.”

SOURCE: The Hearing Review