Legend has it that the idea for a cookbook “...of, by, and for audiologists” was conceived by a group of American Academy of Audiology (AAA) members one night in the midst of a relaxed dinner in Scottsdale. It was early 2018, and the plan was to have the book ready for the AAA Conference being held in Columbus, Ohio the following year.

The “cookbook committee,” as the group was known, decided to underwrite the costs of publishing the book so that all proceeds from future sales could be donated to the American Academy of Audiology Foundation, a philanthropic organization that supports research and education for audiology.

Soon, How to Eat Like an Audiologist…Say the Word ‘Cookbook’ was born. It’s said to give readers never-before-seen insight into the cooking styles and taste preferences of well-known audiologists—many of whom have contributed to Hearing Review—as well as recipes from renowned hearing pioneers like Raymond Carhart, Georg von Békésy, Marion Downs, the KEMAR, and others. Whether you’re throwing a dinner party or simply cooking for two, every course is covered: beverages, soups, salads, main dishes, side dishes, desserts, and more.

How to Eat Like an Audiologist…Say the Word ‘Cookbook,’ is available for a $25 contribution on the AAA website here.

Happy cooking!

Source: AAA

Image: AAA