A choir of 27 audiologists sings "The Star-Spangled Banner" to open the General Assembly of the 2008 AudiologyNow! convention.

Calling all singers! If you would like to be part of a chorus of audiologists performing the National Anthem a cappella at the Opening Session of the 2009 AAA Convention, contact audiologist Bob DiSogra.

Every year at the AAA convention, Disogra, Mead Killion of Etymotic Research, Dave Speidel of Interacoustics, and others have treated attendees to “end of day” barbershop-style songs at the exhibit hall. The event has always been extremely well received and fun for everyone. For the 2008 AAA Convention—the 21st annual meeting for the organization—the singers have been asked to assemble a group of singer/audiologists to perform the National Anthem at the Opening Session.

So, if you can carry a tune (or just think you can!), contact Bob DiSogra at [email protected] for details.