Jim Jonkman

Jim Jonkman, president of Audioscan

Audioscan, a division of Etymonic Design, Dorchester, Ontario, has announced that Jim Jonkman will assume the presidency of the company, replacing William Cole, who is retiring.

Jonkman and Cole co-founded Etymonic Design in 1983, and Audioscan in 1989. As co-founders of Audioscan, Jonkman and Cole produced the company’s real-ear verification and hearing instrument fitting systems. Cole, a recent winner of the industry’s Sam Lybarger award, is retiring from involvement in Audioscan’s operations; however, he will continue to consult on special projects for the company.

When Jonkman and Cole started Etymonic Design in 1983, the company was principally an engineering research and development firm, and a supplier to hearing aid manufacturers. Information on the Audioscan website states that, in its first 5 years, the company produced the first digital programmable ITE and BTE hearing aids, and the first portable hearing aid programmer, among other innovations.

Jonkman has been primarily involved in operations and product development since the inception of Audioscan, and will now assume leadership of the company. Jonkman’s ascension was timed with the introduction of the company’s new Verifit2 instrument.

Source: Audioscan