AGX® Hearing, Vancouver, Wash, the technology brand available nationwide exclusively through members of Audigy Group, launched a new nationwide campaign this week to grow awareness of a hearing aid brand backed by more than 40% of the industry’s research and development dollars, according to the Group.

The campaign known as “Paint your masterpiece” begins with Audigy Group’s rollout of, a website designed not only to provide clear, concise hearing aid information to consumers, but also to feature illustrated, real-life scenarios in which better hearing can vastly improve an individual’s experience. Incorporating images from a vibrant series of original paintings by Audigy Group’s senior graphic designer, Cory Jespersen, the Web site aims to inspire individuals with hearing loss to imagine just how much richer and more colorful their own experiences can be with access to the full spectrum of sound.

The campaign will continue with a complete series of television, online, and print advertisements that support individual Audigy Group member practices around the country and the increasingly popular AGX Hearing technology brand.

“Our objective is to change the social norm around hearing loss,” says Brandon Dawson, founder and CEO of Audigy Group. “We all know how important it is to get our eyes and teeth checked routinely, it’s just as important to check our hearing. was redesigned to help us all recognize how rich and colorful life is when we’re hearing at our best. The original artwork we’ve commissioned for this campaign reflects the fact that today’s exceptional hearing technology creates options for everyone—opportunities to create their own desired ‘hearing moments’, and to life the life they want through attentive, comprehensive hearing care delivered by our exceptional members.”

Source: Audigy Group