April 14, 2008

The American Academy of Audiology announces the development of a new student organization. Yet to be officially named, the new organization is set to open to membership before the academic year in fall 2008.

The academy, which reports a growing membership of 1,200 student members, states that it is committed to formally supporting those student members and believes the new organization will provide additional benefit to–and communication with–the academy’s audiology student members on their respective campuses and nationally.

At the 2008 AudiologyNOW! the academy reports that student tracks were integrated into the session offerings. Students were given opportunities to volunteer in exchange for registration. And increasingly, student members have been invited to sit on committees and task forces. According to the academy, these initiatives are testimony to the academy’s commitment to student members.

"Without a steady infusion of students, graduating with the latest knowledge and skills, our profession will stagnate, and there will not be a sufficient supply of audiologists to meet the growing needs for our
services. Our profession will continue to grow and gain strength and recognition by nurturing our next generation of audiologists," says Alison Grimes, AuD, president of the academy.

The academy board of directors has developed a student organization task force, chaired by Gary Jacobson, Carmen Brewer, and Alison Grimes. The task force, made up of students, faculty, members-at-large, and staff, will work together to determine the official name, structure, regulations, and by-laws that will establish this new organization for all audiology students.

Source: American Academy of Audiology