HumanWare, in partnership with Institut Nazareth et Louis-Braille (INLB), has unveiled the HumanWare Communicator, a multilingual face-to-face conversation app that translates Braille into text and text into Braille.

Using Bluetooth connectivity to pair the HumanWare Braille device to an iPhone, iPod, or iPad, the HumanWare Communicator app is designed to facilitate a conversation between a deaf-blind person and a sighted person.

The app works with the deaf-blind person using HumanWare’s BrailleNote Apex Braille device, which is wirelessly tethered to an iPhone or iPad via a Bluetooth connection. The app on the Apple device translates Braille into the designated language, which the sighted person reads on the iPhone and can subsequently respond using the phone’s keyboard. The face-to-face conversation appears in real time on both the refreshable Braille display and the iPhone’s screen.

"With the popularity and inclusion of assistive technology features in Apple’s iOS devices, HumanWare has received a high demand to bring the face-to-face concept of the popular Deaf-Blind Communicator to the popular Apple devices. The HumanWare Communicator app breaks everyday face to face communication down to its simplest form and will get everyone talking," commented Greg Stilson, HumanWare product manager, in the press statement.


SOURCE: HumanWare