Listen Technologies, a Bluffdale, Utah-based provider of assistive listening products for more than 17 years, has named Steve Thunder its hearing loop sales engineer. Listen Technologies created the new role to raise greater awareness of hearing loss, which is estimated to affect 360 million people worldwide, and to educate integrators, venue owners, and those experiencing hearing loss about hearing loop technology.

Steve Thunder

Steve Thunder

Hearing loop (induction loop) systems utilize an electromagnetic field to deliver audio signals to individuals with a cochlear implant or telecoil equipped hearing aid. Hearing loops are ideal for houses of worship, classrooms, theaters, conference centers, and other environments that present auditory challenges to those with hearing impairments. Loop systems effectively and affordably deliver discreet in-ear sound so listeners can hear clearly without additional equipment. Despite the success of this technology, awareness of hearing loops is low.

According to Listen Technololgies, Thunder is an acoustical engineer who has designed and installed hundreds of loop systems. He will work closely with the Listen Technologies channel to promote education about hearing loop systems.

“Steve brings extensive loop experience to our growing team and will provide great support for our installation partners and industry advocates,” said Peter Papageorge, vice president of sales and marketing, Listen Technologies. “We are excited to welcome Steve to Listen Technologies and look forward to working with him to raise awareness of hearing loops.”

Listen Technologies offers ListenLoop, a hearing loop solution that enables individuals with hearing loss to experience full, rich interactions in nearly any setting. Users can hear spoken word and song without background noise, reverberation and other acoustic distortions that reduce clarity of sound.

“I am thrilled to be part of the hearing loop team at Listen Technologies and to work with other great loop installers throughout the country to make the world a more accessible place for anyone suffering from hearing loss,” said Steve Thunder, hearing loop sales engineer, Listen Technologies. “We have a tremendous opportunity to engage the public on an issue that impacts so many of us – either directly or through our connection to a loved one with hearing loss – and make a difference that will foster inclusion and improve quality of life.”

Previously, Thunder was president and hearing loop engineer at Assistive Hearing Systems. He holds a BSE in acoustics from Purdue University.

Source: Listen Technologies