Chicago – In the last eight years, over 1,600 health care professionals have reportedly participated in Otometrics VNG/ENG educational course. The semi-annual videonystagmography (VNG) and electonystagmography (ENG) course, produced by Otometrics, is taught by balance disorder specialist, Kamran Barin, PhD.

This latest course that was just offered in Chicago included 80 attendees, reports Otometrics , an increase in the number of students from the last few sessions. 

“We had 80 people attend the three-day course, which is a sharp increase in attendance from the past few courses,” said Dan McNulty, general manager of Otometrics North America, in a press statement. “While VNG is not a new procedure, more healthcare providers are introducing it into their practices. Having a live course is vital for working through case studies and honing their interpretation skills and we found that many had brought their colleague in order to share the same knowledge.”

The company says that attendees came from a wide variety of health care fields, including audiologists, neurologists, nurses, physician assistants, and medical technicians. In addition to individuals from the U.S., there were also international participants.

Conducted by Kamran Barin, the course is product-independent and covers VNG/ENG theory, calibration, test procedures, analysis and hands-on demonstrations.

McNulty added that most of the attendees had not been to this type of intensive class before, but chose to attend for the hands-on experience and the ability to connect with other colleagues. "Many attendees had participated in a lecture or an on-line course by Dr. Barin. His experience and reputation were additional drivers for participants to enroll," said McNulty. 

SOURCE: Otometrics