Laura Poff, University of Connecticut

Laura Poff, University of Connecticut

Alpaca Audiology, Springfield, Mo, has announced that Laura Poff, a third-year doctor of audiology student at the University of Connecticut, has been awarded the 2015 Alpaca Audiology Scholarship, an annual program that is sponsored by Phonak.

Founded in 2013 by the Alpaca Audiology Founding Partners, the $10,000 scholarship award will help support Poff’s educational needs during her fourth year.

“The purpose of establishing the Alpaca Audiology Scholarship is to alleviate the outside financial stressors and allow students to focus on their education and trek to becoming the best audiologist he or she can be. The strongest way to ‘Amplify the Profession’ is to invest in the future!” explained Brian Vesely, AuD, founding partner, Alpaca Audiology.

Alpaca Audiology reports that Poff currently holds a 4.0 GPA, which she has successfully maintained while diligently working about 30 hours a week to fund her education. Academically, Poff has excelled in all areas and is currently focusing on her capstone investigating central auditory processing in college athletes with sports related concussions in collaboration with Drs Skoe, Musiek, and Ramanathan.

Outside of the classroom, Poff is involved with the Student Academy of Audiology as a member of the UConn chapter and the national conference committee. She also is a member of the Academy of Doctors of Audiology university liaison committee. After graduation, Poff hopes to practice audiology in a diverse setting so she can continue to explore all avenues of audiology. The flexibility to work in so many niches of the field is what initially attracted her to audiology as an undergraduate student. She enjoys working with patients of all ages and abilities and finds the most satisfaction in her day to day interactions with patients.

“Being recognized the 2015 Alpaca Audiology Scholar is such an honor,” said Poff. “It is satisfying to know others appreciate and value my determination and dedication to my career as a future audiologist. It is not only satisfying to receive this honor, but this award provides me with even more motivation to continue to make a difference in the field. I am also grateful for and wish to thank my professors and clinical supervisors, past, present and future, for putting in the time and effort to refine my skills as an audiologist. Your passion for audiology is contagious.”

Alpaca Audiology Board members include Tony Asay AuD, Bill Helms, MD, Jim Rippy, AuD and Brian Vesely, AuD. Phonak is among the donors that help support the scholarship fund each year.

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Source: Phonak, Alpaca Audiology