February 3, 2008

Widex announces it has promoted three audiology professionals from within the company who have shown what the firm characterizes in a news release as, "Leadership and commitment to the company."

Janice Smith
Software Development Supervisor

Smith has been promoted to software development supervisor. Smith began her tenure with Widex March 1, 1999, as an audiologist. She earned the promotion to audiology software development specialist for Widex USA in September 2005. Since that time, according to a Widex statement, Smith has continuously demonstrated her strong work ethic, vision, and commitment to the company and to its internal and external customers. In her new role, Smith will be a liaison with Widex Denmark and other pertinent organizations regarding new software developments. Smith will also continue to provide supervision to Widex software technical support staff.

Karen Naftel
Audiology Queue Supervisor

Naftel has been promoted to audiology queue supervisor. Naftel began her tenure with Widex as an audiologist May 15, 2000. A Widex report states that during this time, Naftel has demonstrated leadership, initiative, and quality technical support and assistance to Widex internal and external customers. Naftel’s new assignment makes her responsible for supervising the technical support content of the audiology queue.

Denise Passerieux
Assistive Listening Technologies Specialist

Passerieux has been promoted to assistive listening technologies specialist. According to a source at Widex, Passeriux joined the company September 7, 1999, as an audiologist, and since that time has shown leadership, initiative and quality support and investigative abilities, which have benefited Widex internal and external customers.  Passerieux will now be responsible for providing knowledge and verification of the functionality of Widex hearing aid products with pertinent assistive listening devices (ALDs).

Source: Widex