Just in time for May, Better Hearing & Speech Month, hearing aid manufacturer Sonic, Somerset, NJ, has created a series of inspiring videos about hearing. Each video depicts a different sound—the natural sounds of a laughing baby, rolling surf, heartfelt words of love and inspiration.  The four videos, each just 20 seconds long, are designed to generate a new appreciation of hearing and the importance of hearing health.

sonic baby“The videos are quick, upbeat snapshots that dramatically capture the many ways that sound impacts our day-to-day lives,” says Kathy Landon, vice president of branding and professionals services for Sonic. “We wanted a simple, emotional way to remind everyone of the benefits of good hearing and to motivate people who are missing out on everyday sounds to schedule a check-up with their local hearing care professional.”

Landon encourages people to use Facebook, Twitter, or their favorite social media channels to share the four videos, which are available at www.vimeo.com/channels/everydaysounds.

Source: Sonic