A bill in Kansas to change references in state law to those with hearing loss from “hearing impaired” to “hard of hearing,” was signed into law on April 19, according to an article on the WIBW 13 website.

SB 343 was originally introduced by Senator Kristen O’Shea (R-Topeka) on January 13 on behalf of Sara Hale of We the Deaf People – Kansas Chapter and National Director of the Yellow Shield Placard Program, according to the article. The bill also “prohibits blindness from being a determinant factor for denial or restriction of legal custody, residency, or parenting time when it is determined to otherwise be in the best interest of a child.”

“This legislation provides inclusiveness for all Kansans with varying degrees of hearing loss,” Kansas Governor Laura Kelly was quoted as saying in the article.“By updating the language of the affected statutes, we ensure that laws are equally accessible.”

“I’ve been proud to work alongside a constituent to update our language in statutes for the Kansas deaf community,” O’Shea is quoted as saying in the article.

The Kansas law is intended to provide more inclusiveness for those with hearing loss.

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Source: WIBW 13