Summary: Phonak has named legendary guitarist Paul Gilbert as its new global brand ambassador to promote hearing health and the use of hearing devices.


1. Gilbert will help raise awareness about hearing health and challenge the stigma associated with hearing loss.

2. His own experience with hearing loss and hearing aids adds authenticity to his advocacy.

3. Gilbert will actively participate in communication initiatives across various platforms to support Phonak’s mission.

Phonak, a global provider of hearing solutions, introduced legendary guitarist Paul Gilbert as its official global brand ambassador. In this capacity, Gilbert will focus on raising public awareness about hearing health, challenging the stigma associated with hearing loss, and emphasizing the significance of hearing devices. 

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He will actively engage in communication activities across press and social media platforms to champion these causes. Additionally, Gilbert will inspire various initiatives, showcasing Phonak’s dedication to developing holistic hearing solutions that empower people to create meaningful social interactions. 

Why He Was Chosen

“We are thrilled to welcome Paul as Phonak’s newest global brand ambassador,” says Oliver Frank, vice president of Phonak Marketing. “His extraordinary ability to connect with fans worldwide through music makes him a compelling advocate for the importance of hearing health. Paul’s personal experience with hearing loss and his journey with hearing solutions add depth and authenticity to his advocacy. 

“We’re convinced that Paul’s credibility and engaging presence will draw people’s attention to this critical issue. We’re excited to partner with Paul as we continue our mission to create a world where life is on for everyone.” 

About Paul Gilbert

A prolific American heavy metal and hard rock guitarist, and highly regarded as one of the best musicians of all time, Paul Gilbert is widely known as the co-founder of Mr. Big with its chart-topping, worldwide No. 1 hit single, “To Be With You,” and as a member of Los Angeles-based band, Racer X. With a music career spanning four decades, Gilbert has been open about his hearing loss due to years of loud noise exposure from guitar amplifiers. In addition to spreading awareness of hearing loss, Gilbert hopes his collaboration with Phonak will shine a light on the importance of wearing hearing devices and normalizing the use of hearing technology that helps better communication and understanding. 

Sharing His Story

“Everyone with hearing loss has a unique story. I’m happy to share my story, including how my Phonak hearing aids have helped me since I began wearing them over 10 years ago,” says Gilbert. “My hearing aids are vital to staying connected in my family life. Also, since I perform and teach music, I can set my guitar amp at a lower volume, without having to crank up to hear every detail. I was inspired to try hearing aids from the passionate advice of a friend who also wore Phonak hearing aids. He said it’ll change my life and he was right!”

Last summer, Mr. Big kicked off a worldwide tour, titled “The BIG Finish.” Currently, they’re on the American leg of the tour before a final tour in Europe this summer.

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Featured image: Guitarist Paul Gilbert is Phonak’s newest global awareness ambassador. Photo: Phonak