House Clinic, a well-known center for the treatment of ear disease and neurological disorders, and House Ear Institute, a 501-(c)(3) private nonprofit foundation focused on researching these issues, have announced they have officially relaunched as part of the new House Institute.
Named for the groundbreaking work accomplished by founder Howard P. House, MD, more than 60 years ago, the House Institute will ramp up its fight against a variety of disorders under its new brand name, including Meniere’s disease, acoustic neuromas, skull base tumors, neurofibromatosis, surfer’s ear, balance disorders, allergy-related problems, chronic ear infections, and more. The House Institute is said to provide state-of-the-art audiometric evaluations and treatment options to ensure that its patients receive the best care possible.

“We are honored to continue the work that began with Dr Howard House. Under our new identity as the House Institute, we’re making a commitment to remain on the front lines of research and innovation that will put our patients on the best possible path to leading normal, healthy lives for many years to come,” said William Slattery, MD, president of the House Institute. “We understand how painful and difficult ear disease and neurological disorders can be, and when patients seek treatment with us, we are more confident than ever that they’re meeting with the absolute experts on these issues.”

The House Institute, previously affiliated with Providence Health and Services in the Los Angeles area, has been at the forefront of surgical advancements for hearing loss, ear-related, and neurological issues for decades, according to the announcement. The organization has led some of the world’s top breakthroughs under its leadership. It developed and perfected the original cochlear implant and auditory brainstem implant for patients with profound hearing loss, and it has led the charge for modern surgical procedures such as endoscopic ear surgery, according to the Institute.

Most recently, the 501-(c)(3) private nonprofit House Ear Institute has been pioneering innovative research in the areas of hearing loss, neurotology, and neurosurgery, and it will continue this vital work as the House Institute Foundation. The House Institute Foundation will expand funding and research, provide education, and focus on global hearing health and neurosurgery, while building partnerships in the community and with other organizations around the globe to identify solutions for adults and children who lack the appropriate resources for treating their hearing loss.

The House Institute also operates hearing aid centers in Orange County and Los Angeles.

Source: House Clinic, House Ear Institute

Image: House Institute