Consult YHN and EarQ announced a merger effective December 8, 2021, and will operate as CQ Partners, an independent business within the Demant Group

Consult YHN, a network of hearing healthcare professionals, and EarQ will together provide a new level of comprehensive and proactive business support for their customers, according to the announcement.

“This merger allows us to focus our resources, increase our service diversification, and share complementary skills and assets across our company providing a distinct advantage for our customers. Access to increased value programs and services will allow them to grow profitable businesses and thrive in a competitive marketplace,” said Scott Klein, President, CQ Partners.  

CQ Partners’ goal is to grow practices, develop providers as leaders, and help them connect with patients in need of hearing care. To support this goal, CQ Partners will execute on its four pillars of value: patient-generating marketing, next-level business support, operational excellence, and strategic partners and programs. With the merging of these two companies, both Bill Urwin and Mike Petrosillo will continue to lead the new company, Urwin as SVP of Sales and Petrosillo as SVP of Marketing. This will keep the company moving forward with current strategies. With strong leadership, a skilled team of in-house experts, and combined resources, CQ Partners is “primed to deliver unprecedented and unmatched value to its customers.” 

“To fully deliver on our mission in hearing healthcare, we must provide a new level of value to our customers. It is vital that we continue to develop our talent and maximize collaboration. This merger allows CQ Partners to offer the most innovative business solutions to providers in the hearing industry,” said Ty Lee, Group President, Demant North America. 

“We have created an organization that leverages the strengths from both groups and will build momentum and create growth opportunities for us and our partners. Our purpose is to help our customers achieve their goals and realize their vision. Their vision is our mission,” said Klein. 

Source: ConsultYHN, EarQ

Image: CQ Partners