The organizers of the Tinnitus Virtual Summit announced that the event took place May 20-21, 2020 with 15 tinnitus and hearing experts showcased from four different countries. All of the videos were recorded and are available via this link.

The primary goal for the Tinnitus Virtual Summit was to “connect and educate the audiences from different virtual tinnitus groups,” according to the organizers. The secondary goal was to provide guidance to individuals with tinnitus as the healthcare field becomes more digital as a result of COVID-19. Closed captioning was completed for each Tinnitus Virtual Summit video interview. Speakers included Director of Clinical Content Development at Signia, Brian Taylor, AuD and Barbara Kelley, Executive Director at the Hearing Loss Association of America (HLAA).

The Summit’s host, Dr Ben Thompson, AuD, is the founder of Pure Tinnitus, a new tele-health company based in California. Thompson creates educational videos and hosts an online group coaching program for the tinnitus community.

To watch the Summit for free, please click here.

Source: Pure Tinnitus