Montreal — Sonomax Technologies Inc has announced that it has attained its first licensing contract with uFIT Custom Hearing Protection Inc, which will distribute Sonomax’s instant, self-fit hearing protection in 25 countries.

uFit plans to market Sonomax’s self-fit system (pictured) for industrial applications, such as workers in an assembly line. In addition to its industrial workplace initiative, uFIT also plans to target consumers for their use at noisy events, such as car racing, sporting events, and concerts.

The deal involves customization of the licensed products to uFIT specifications. These enhancements are intended to complement Sonomax’s self-fit capabilities via uFIT’s high volume-low cost, mass production business model.

The agreement with uFIT will contribute approximately $1,500,000 to Sonomax’s net profit.

Gary Warren, former president of Aearo Technologies, North America, has entered into a consulting agreement with uFIT. He will reportedly develop the North American industrial and home hardware markets and also sit on the company’s Board of Directors.

"SonoCustom Pro-Fit Sound Isolating Earplugs by Sonomax previously faced two obstacles to success—pricing that was not competitive and the need for a technician to fit the product. These have been eliminated by the invention of a mass-producible instant, self-fit delivery system," said Warren in the press statement. "There is now good reason to believe that the product has the potential to secure meaningful market share in the $300 million global HPD market."

SOURCE: Sonomax