DrGosalia, LLC announced the release of its first book, Papa, Can You Hear Me Now? The author, Dr Amit Gosalia, AuD, delivers a “simple, yet familiar story of the impact of hearing loss on relationships.” As is known, side effects to hearing loss may include cognitive decline, ability to communicate, financial/economic impact, isolation, depression, anxiety, to name a few, and thus the importance of getting a baseline evaluation is imperative, according to Gosalia’s announcement.

“For almost 20 years as an audiologist, the number of times I’ve heard patients or their family members tell me about how they missed out on communicating with their loved ones, has to be in the hundreds,” said Gosalia. “Part of the hesitation to getting help is denial or even the lack of awareness that anything is actually wrong. I wanted to share this story so that more people would consider getting their hearing evaluated to avoid all of the potential side effects to hearing loss.”

The story revolves around Anna and what she experiences when her grandfather, Papa, struggles to communicate with her, due to his hearing loss. After seeing an audiologist and getting treatment, Papa’s relationship with his granddaughter changes for the better.

Amit Gosalia, AuD, author and an audiologist at West Valley Hearing Center in Los Angeles, has been educating the public about better hearing since 2001. He completed his bachelor’s degree in speech and hearing sciences from Arizona State University, followed by his master’s degree in communication sciences. In 2006, he was elected president of the Arizona Speech-Hearing Association (ArSHA) . Since then, he has been elected and served on numerous committees and board throughout audiology and has been involved in many passion projects, such as the AuDLifestyle and consulting for business owners to help them grow, which he calls Achieve Growth. He can be contacted at: [email protected] or by visiting his website at: https://bit.ly/3HcUHGt.

To order copies for your offices and/or patients, visit: https://amzn.to/3FuGjcg.

Source: DrGosalia, LLC

Image: DrGosalia, LLC