Kids & Teens Meeting

Attendees of Signia’s Kids & Teens Meeting 2016

Signia held the third National Kids and Teens meeting on March 7-9, 2016 in its Piscataway, NJ headquarters, with a theme of empowering and advocating for kids and teens with hearing loss.

Presenters provided practical and educational information to help hearing care professionals serve their older pediatric patients. Attendees also received a preview of the new primax™ product platform.

Attendees spent the first day building “Jolene” mannequins. Jolene is a device for measuring sound levels of personal stereo systems, and consists of a fashion mannequin and a sound level meter wired to “her” silicon ear.

Other informative sessions, included marketing Signia products for kids and teens, an update on the hearing aid industry, understanding listening behaviors of youngsters, app resources available for therapy and teaching, and helping kids adjust to life with hearing loss through creativity.

Breakout sessions were held on fashioning custom ear molds, how to organize support groups for patients, and wireless accessories and apps. A factory tour was also provided.

The final day of the event consisted of sessions on how to teach kids to take personal responsibility for their hearing care, a comprehensive overview of Signia products for active kids and teens, and a hands-on demonstration of Signia software.

Source: Signia; Siemens