The American Academy of Audiology’s 2021 Convention kicks off today, April 14, and you can register for the event here. This year’s convention offers exceptional presentations and virtual events for AAA members and attendees, including learning sessions and many opportunities to interact with colleagues, industry representatives, audiology students and other hearing healthcare professionals.

Powered by Intrado, this year’s virtual event includes many features sessions, networking opportunities, gamification, and the ability to peruse the Expo Hall. Here are only a few of the educational offerings presented each day of this 3-day event:

Wednesday, April 14

Noon-1PM: Starkey Symposium: Innovating the Professional and Patient Experience, with Sara Burdak, AuD, Achin Bhowmik, PhD, Archelle Georgiou, MD, Brandon Sawalich, and David Fabry, PhD

1:45-2 PM: Hearing Loss and Quality of Life: What Audiologists Need to Know, with Brian Taylor, AuD

2-2:15PM: Expanding Patient-Care Opportunities Through a New Cognitive Screening, with Fred Ma, MD, PhD

2:15-2:30PM: Leading Hearing Health Care into the Next Era Through a Leap in Innovation, with Douglas Beck, AuD

Thursday, April 15

9-10:15 AM: General Session/Keynote Address: How Behavioral Economics Can Help People Make Better Decisions, with Daniel Mochon, PhD

12:15-12:45PM: An Introduction to Marketing for Audiologists: Basic, Practical Steps You Can Take to Grow Your Practice, with Joe Karp

1:15-2:15PM: Grand Rounds: Tinnitus and Sound Sensitivity, with Christopher Spankovich, AuD, PhD, Lori Zitelli, AuD, Ali Denesh, PhD, and Jennifer Gans, PsyD

1:15-2:15PM: Hidden Hearing Loss and Processing Speech-in-Noise: What Audiologists Need to Know and Practice Now, with Bharath Chandrasekaran, PhD, and Edward Lobarinas, PhD

1:15-2:15PM: Hidden Hearing Loss/Amplification and Assistive Devices, with Mark Parker, PhD, Lindsey Jorgensen, AuD, PhD, Sheila Pratt, PhD, Elizabeth Haley, AuD, Frederick Gallun, PhD, Leslie Zhen, and David Jelicka, AuD

1:15-2:15PM: Marion Downs Lecture in Pediatric Audiology: Enhancing the Auditory Experience for Children Who Wear Hearing Aids, with Ryan McCreery, PhD

3:15-4:15PM: Over the Counter to Third-Party Administrators: Integrating New Sources of Revenue for the Audiology Practice, with Gyl Kasewurm, AuD, Paul Pessis, AuD, Soriya Estes, AuD, and Noel Crosby, AuD

3:15-4:15PM: BPPV: Science and Protocols for Successful Treatment, with Richard Gans, PhD, and Joseph Sakumura

Friday, April 16

9-10 AM: Point-Counterpoint: The Role of Tele-Practice Post Covid-19, with David Fabry, PhD, Lori Zitelli, AuD, Brian Fligor, PhD, Terence Limb, AuD, Anna Jilla, AuD, PhD, Julie Honaker, PhD

11:30-12:30: Ethical Considerations in Audiology Practice, with Melissa Ferrello, AuD, Victor Bray, PhD, Devon Weist, AuD, and Alison Grimes, AuD

11:30-1 PM: Radiology for Audiologists, with Matthew Bush, MD, PhD, and Jennifer Shinn, PhD

1:15-2:15PM: Audiology Coding and Reimbursement in Review 2020-2021, with Anna Jilla, AuD, and Shreemanti Chakrabarty, AuD, MBA

1:15-2:15PM: Hearing Aids in Review: 2020, with Catherine Palmer, PhD, Gus Mueller, PhD, and Ryan McCreery, PhD

AAA 2021 Exhibitors

Attendees can also visit about 75 companies displaying their offerings in the virtual Expo Hall. The Expo Experience includes explorations and a tour of the Hall, gaming and networking opportunities, conversations with industry representatives, collaborative discussions, research and product development updates, as well as raffles and giveaways.

This Expo Hall includes the following exhibitors (asterisks denote conference sponsors):

Air Force Recruiting Service for the Health Professions
Akouos, Inc.*
Ally Lending
American Academy of Audiology
American Institute of Balance Foundation
American Speech-Language-Hearing Association*
Amplifon Hearing Health Care*
A.T. Still University
AudSoft, Inc.
Bellman & Symfon North America Inc.
BendShape™Mask | Quartz™ Transparent*
Blueprint Solutions
CapTel from T-Mobile*
Cognivue, Inc.*
Connect Hearing
Dreve-Otoplastik GmbH
Elite Hearing Network*
e3 Diagnostics
Grason-Stadler (GSI)
Hamilton® CapTel®*
Healthcare Providers Service Organization (HPSO)*
Hearing Charities of America
Ida Institute
Insta-Mold Products, Inc.
Intelligent Hearing Systems
Inventis – Audiology Equipment
Istok AudioTrading, Ltd.
MAICO Diagnostics
MedRx, Inc.
MG Development
Micromedical by Interacoustics
Microsonic, Inc.
My Audiology Directory
National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorder
Natus Medical Inc.
Neuromod Devices Ltd
Oaktree Products, Inc.
Oticon, Inc.*
Oticon Medical
Otodynamics Ltd.
QTC Medical Services, a Leidos Company
Rayovac ® Energizer Holdings Inc.
Salus University Osborne College of Audiology
Soundwave Hearing, LLC
Sycle LLC
Teamworks Group
TIMS Software
UCLA Health, HR Recruitment and Staffing
UnitedHealthcare Hearing
United States Navy Recruiting Command
VARTA Microbattery Inc.
Vestibular First
Vivosonic Inc
Warner Tech-Care Products
Widex USA, Inc.*
Wolters Kluwer – The Hearing Journal
Xiamen MeloSound Technology Co., Ltd.
Xiamen NewSound Technology Co., Ltd

To learn more about the AAA 2021 convention and to register, visit: