The Biennial 2015 NCRAR Conference has been announced by the Oregon Academy of Audiology (OAA) to take place September 16-18, 2015 in Portland, Oregon.

The conference theme is “Hearing Loss as a Public Health Concern.”

Presentation Topic Areas are:

  • Foundations and principles of public health
  • Interpreting epidemiologic data
  • Results of large of public health studies of hearing
  • Hearing loss as a determinant of healthy aging
  • Living with hearing loss: Personal, family and social factors
  • Working towards the development of an audiology outcomes database
  • Tracking hearing disability and its associated economic burdens in the VA
  • Public health in action

Invited speakers include:

Elena Andresen, PhD                                 Rob Mullen, MPH, ScD

Don Austin, MD, MPH                               Rachel McArdle, PhD

Karen Cruickshanks, PhD                           Paul Mick, MD, MPH

Marc Fagelson, PhD                                   Kathy Pichora-Fuller, PhD

Frank Lin, MD, PhD                                   Jessica Sullivan, PhD

David Green, MPH

According to the Oregon Academy of Audiology, there will be a call for posters and the event will award scholarships to students and clinicians. More details will follow.

For general questions contact: [email protected]

For poster, scholarship, and program questions contact: [email protected]