ZPower, a silver-zinc rechargeable microbattery technology manufacturer, in collaboration with MG Development, announces the launch of the PerfectDry Lux Rechargeable for ZPower Rechargeable Hearing Aid Systems. The dryer is reportedly the only ZPower-approved dryer on the market. The PerfectDry Lux Rechargeable is said to provide simultaneous dehumidification, UV-C cleaning, and charging for hearing aids.

“We continually look for ways to improve our products and the user experience,” said Anson Martin, CCO of ZPower. “We had numerous requests from customers seeking a convenient way to dry their hearing aids while charging the batteries. I’m pleased to say, with the help of MG Development, we’ve delivered on their request. The PerfectDry Lux Rechargeable was developed with convenience in mind; users can now safely dry, clean, and charge their hearing aids without the hassle of removing the batteries.”

“MG Development, as a certified medical device manufacturer, is constantly evolving to provide new innovative solutions, through cutting-edge technology for hearing device maintenance and hygiene,” said C.J. Loeffler, director of MG Development. “Hearing device patients and providers have long been asking for an all-in-one product to charge, dry, and disinfect. We answered this calling through collaboration with ZPower, to develop and now offer the PerfectDry Lux Rechargeable. Drying hearing devices is imperative to removing moisture while enhancing the performance of the devices, reducing costly repairs and unnecessary trips to a provider. Our UV-C disinfection lamp works to kill bacteria that can cause skin irritations and ear infections.”

For more than 20 years, ZPower has been an innovator in rechargeable battery technology. The foundation of its patented technology is a unique silver-zinc chemistry, which reportedly enables “the smallest, most energy-dense microbattery available.” It uses a non-flammable, water-based electrolyte that is safe for wearable technologies.

To learn more about the PerfectDry Lux Rechargeable visit: https://www.mg-development.com/en/our-products/rechargeable-perfectdry-lux/. For orders email MG Development at: [email protected] or call: 844-878-0188.

To learn more about ZPower Batteries and the ZPower Rechargeable System for Hearing Aids visit: www.zpowerbattery.com.

Source: ZPower