ADM Tronics Unlimited, Inc (OTCQB: ADMT) is in development of two technologies for the tinnitus field, the company announced.  These new developments were featured in the most recent edition of OneMedMarket’s newsletter The Sentinel—Breakthroughs in Health & Technology, “Tinnitus: When the World is Too Loud.”

Both ADM’s technologies for the tinnitus marketplace, Tinnitus Shield™ and Aurex-3®, are described in the article.  Tinnitus is a hearing condition commonly known as “ringing in the ears.”  The American Tinnitus Association estimates there are up to 50 million tinnitus sufferers in the US.

As previously announced, the Tinnitus Shield technology is a specialized, patent-pending hearing protection device which can help to avoid damaging levels of sound which have been known to cause or worsen tinnitus conditions.  The Aurex-3 is a patented, therapeutic electronic medical device which is intended to be used for the treatment and control of tinnitus.  ADM Tronics expects Tinnitus Shield to be commercially available within the next 60 days and the Aurex-3 later this fiscal year.

Source: ADM Tronics Unlimited, Inc