Grason-Stadler announces a three-part CEU webinar series around the latest advancements in testing with the release of the Audera Pro. Beginning in January, one test module will be highlighted each month. The webinars will cover the basics of the test module, customizing protocols, analysis tools, and appropriate CPT codes for each test type. In addition, each course will conclude with a live Q&A session with the presenter. 

The Audera Pro is described as the next generation to the GSI Audera, according to the company. This complete EP/OAE system comes with “significant updates and is the perfect choice for clinicians looking to comprehensively evaluate, identify, and document test findings on patients with auditory or vestibular disorders.”

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All courses are 0.05 CEU credit 

Learning Level: Intermediate 

• VEMP January 19 

• OAE February 16 

• ABR March 16 

Karen Morris, MS, CCC-A

Presenter: Karen Morris, MS, CCC-A Clinical Application Specialist/Product Management

VEMP Testing and Analysis with the GSI Audera Pro; January 19, 12 PM EST 0.05 CEU credit. The GSI Audera Pro includes the VEMP Analysis Module which can be utilized by the clinician when analyzing cervical and optical VEMP recordings. This course will review collection protocols as well as how to perform and analyze oVEMP and cVEMP test data. VEMP CPT codes will be discussed. 

Otoacoustic Emissions with the GSI Audera Pro; February 16, 12 PM EST 0.05 CEU credit. The GSI Audera Pro is a clinical evoked potential and otoacoustic emissions system and offers a comprehensive list of TEOAE and DPOAE test protocols. This course will review the OAE protocols, how to customize protocol settings, and will include a demonstration of data collection. Existing OAE CPT codes will be reviewed.

Auditory Evoked Potentials with the GSI Audera Pro; March 16, 12 PM EST 0.05 CEU credit. The GSI Audera Pro is a clinical evoked potential system that offers a comprehensive battery of ABR test types. This course will cover how to review ABR test protocols, collect test data, mark waveforms, and implement objective tools. A review of the new AEP CPT codes will be covered. 

Visit to learn more and register for this three-part series. GSI also provides additional learning opportunities, including other full webinars, a video library, and more. 

Source: Grason-Stadler

Images: Grason-Stadler