GN Otometrics, Schaumburg, Ill, has released new and improved OTOsuite software for the MADSEN Astera audiometer, says the company.

The OTOsuite software upgrade offers substantial new features and improved functionality for the Astera, providing audiologists with the latest in smart innovation, says the company. The already powerful Astera has been enhanced with new report templates, including severity and speech banana overlays for counseling purposes, MLD, and a historical audiogram comparison tool that makes it possible to compare thresholds over time, according to the company.

The speech module now offers phoneme scoring and greater word list flexibility, allowin users to choose the number of words scored before stopping the test. Astera users will have software upgrades over the life of their equipment, and current Astera customers can download this version 3.20 software upgrade free of charge, says the company.

Astera combines the best features of traditional stand-alone audiometers and newer PC-based systems, says the company. The comprehensive test battery, high-frequency testing, and a built-in power amplifier deliver a powerful audiometer with many innovative clinical features, says the company. The audiometer control panel features a familiar and intuitive layout that allows users to focus on the patient without looking at the instrument, and features such as multiple-speaker routing, Channel Specific Threshold Storing, FRESH noise, and talk-to-assistant functionality support the pediatric testing process, says the company. 

GN Otometrics, Copenhagen, manufactures hearing and balance instruments and software, and offers solutions ranging from infant-screening applications and audiologic diagnostics to balance testing and hearing-instrument fitting.

[Source: GN Otometrics]