GN Otometrics, Schaumburg, Ill, introduces the latest addition to its product portfolio, the Madsen Astera—a state-of-the-art clinical audiometer.

The device combines the best of traditional stand-alone audiometers and newer PC-based systems. Its flexible design platform allows users to operate the audiometer in a manner that suits their individual comfort level, either through the familiar layout of the audiometer control panel, the PC-based keyboard, or mouse.

The Astera can be personalized with extensive user test functionality, which allows customized view options and ensures optimized efficiency across multiple users. The comprehensive test battery, high-frequency testing (up to 20,000 Hz), and a built-in power amplifier deliver a powerful device with clinical features that save time and money. One-click data logging, combined immittance and audiometry reporting, and seamless integration with other diagnostic and fitting tools through the OTOsuite universe contribute to a more efficient testing process. Features such as multiple speaker routing FRESH (FREquency Specific Hearing assessment) noise and talk-to-assistant functionality support the pediatric testing process.

Go to to book a live demonstration or to experience the products features. The dedicated site also contains useful downloads, such as product brochures, white papers, and a flash presentation.