Sonic—a US-based manufacturer of hearing care solutions—announced the new Enchant miniRITE with the ZPower rechargeable battery system, that is designed to provide all-day power without the need for regular battery changes. With an overnight charge, Enchant with ZPower is designed to perform all-day, even when using advanced features like Bluetooth streaming.

“Approximately 70% of hearing aid wearers say they want rechargeables,” said Joseph A. Lugara, Sonic President and CEO.  “New Enchant miniRITE with ZPower gives users the confidence that all-day power provides and the convenience of a rechargeable battery system. This is just one more way that we continue to expand on Enchant’s ability to brighten everyday hearing experiences with incredibly adaptive, flexible, and automatic technologies.”

Users simply place their hearing aids in the charging base overnight. In the event that users forget to charge their hearing aids, ZPower batteries can be interchanged with disposable zinc air batteries. For existing Enchant miniRITE users, ZPower can even be retrofit.

According to Sonic, the ZPower batteries in Enchant miniRITE are designed to reportedly hold 40% more charge than other rechargeable micro batteries and have a year-long lifespan. One non-toxic, non-flammable, and 100% recyclable ZPower rechargeable battery reportedly lasts for 400 charges—as long as 100 disposable batteries, according to the company.

Source: Sonic