Alango, a supplier of voice and audio enhancement technologies for the communication and entertainment markets, announced that it has signed a distribution agreement with Oaktree Products (“Oaktree”), a multi-line distributor of products and supplies to audiologists and hearing professionals. According to the agreement, Oaktree will sell Alango’s “Wear & Hear” line of personal hearing devices via their catalog, online store, and specialty channels in North America.

Addressing the needs of people with mild-to-moderate hearing loss worldwide (who are not currently benefiting from hearing aids), Alango is said to have incorporated its digital sound processing technologies into a line of consumer electronics devices that are designed to provide personalized hearing enhancement to the wearer. The result: a new product line under the brand name “Wear & Hear.”

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“Amongst hearing professionals, the name Oaktree represents a competent resource for a wide variety of quality hearing supplies,” said Dr Alexander Goldin, CEO and founder of Alango Technologies, Ltd. “We are excited to partner with Oaktree to bring our unique Wear & Hear solutions to hearing clinics in North America. We believe audiologists and other hearing professionals will appreciate the opportunity to offer the Wear & Hear alternative to clients who are not ready, for whatever reason, to use hearing aids.”

“In addition to clinical supplies, Oaktree Products has been involved in offering audiologists and other practitioners a wide scope of communication solutions beyond traditional hearing aids,” states Bob Kemp, founder and owner of Oaktree Products, Inc. “Wear & Hear is a product line that represents a viable option for adults who need some help but are not quite ready for regular hearing aids. One feature it has that is totally unique, is the ability to slow down speech on the phone, which could help a lot of people.”

Source: Alango, Oaktree Products

Image: Alango