Summary: Jabra’s Elite 8 Active Gen 2 and Elite 10 Gen 2 earbuds feature advanced audio enhancements, including an LE Audio smart case, improved spatial sound with Dolby Audio, stronger Active Noise Cancellation (ANC)​, and more.


  1. The new LE Audio case supports dual USB-C and 3.5mm jack compatibility, enabling low-latency streaming from various devices and improving audio sync and quality with the LC3 codec.
  2. Improved spatial sound tuning with Dolby Atmos support and six-microphone technology for clearer calls, ensuring high speech clarity by distinguishing background noise from the spoken voice.
  3. The upgraded ANC technology blocks up to twice as much noise as previous generations, particularly in the mid- and low-frequency ranges, offering a better listening experience in noisy environments.

Jabra, a provider in wireless sound and hybrid work solutions, unveiled its Elite 8 Active Gen 2 and Elite 10 Gen 2 earbuds. Building upon the same design and success of their predecessors, these next-generation earbuds come with enhancements that strengthen the audio experience, the company says.

This includes the world’s first LE Audio smart case*, enhanced spatial sound powered by Dolby Audio for a better music experience, and enhanced Natural HearThrough for better awareness when outdoors. Jabra’s Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) has also been made even stronger with improved mid- and low-frequency noise cancellation, says Jabra.

Streaming Capabilities

Jabra has looked beyond the earbuds themselves with this next generation by engineering the world’s first LE Audio smart case. With an innovative design featuring dual USB-C and 3.5mm jack compatibility, the Elite 8 Active and Elite 10 Gen 2 prioritize universal streaming and connectivity at the press of a button.

Integrated seamlessly into the case, the built-in chip enables users to effortlessly connect and stream audio from a variety of devices directly to their earbuds. With lower latency than standard Bluetooth connections from case to buds, users can experience better audio and video sync, alongside Hi-Fi sound quality, courtesy of the LC3 codec. The 2-in-1 cable transforms the smart charging case into a versatile adaptor that can be plugged into any device. 

New Audio Experience

These earbuds offer a new dimension to the audio experience, with improved spatial sound tuning and Dolby Atmos support, as well as new spatial sound benefits across a wider range of content, including podcasts. In blind tests, 95% of respondents preferred the spatial sound tuning delivered with Gen 2**. 

Jabra’s next-generation earbuds also offer an improved call performance with 6-microphone call technology and enhanced AI call algorithms. The microphones distinguish which sounds are background noise and prioritize the spoken voice. Effective noise-reduction algorithms are automatically switched on to provide a clear call performance depending on activity or location to ensure high speech clarity. 

Active Noise Cancellation

Jabra has also improved the Active Noise Cancellation (ANC), which can block up to twice as much noise as previous generations. The noise reduction performance of the internal feedback microphone has been increased to provide a better ANC effect for noises in the mid- and low-frequency range.

Furthermore, the Adaptive ANC algorithms have been enhanced to maximize the adaptive effect for more users. The result is stronger noise cancellation in multiple scenarios, including aircraft and gym background noise.

The next generation earbuds also provide increased situational (or outdoor) awareness with new Natural HearThrough which is optimized for wind noise reduction and is twice as effective as the previous generation, the company says. Thanks to smart algorithms that increase the frequency range of HearThrough, the surrounding ambient sounds now appear clearer and more natural, while wind noise and whistling are noticeably reduced.

“With these next generation buds we’ve stepped up those features which we know matter most – improved noise-cancelling and enhanced situational awareness – whilst for the first time bringing innovative LE Audio streaming functionality to the charging case, making it possible to connect to just about anything, anywhere,” says Ehtisham Rabbani, chief executive of the Gaming & Consumer Division at Jabra.

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** 95% confidence interval across expert panel. GN Test Process, March 2024. Product tested: Elite 10 Gen 2 vs. Base model

Photo: Jabra