Interacoustics has announced the release of its new OtoReadTM handheld device, that combines comprehensive DPOAE and TEOAE testing and offers diagnostic testing across a wide range of frequencies.

According to Interacoustics, the new OtoReadTM is a natural successor to their current OtoReadTM.

“The new OtoReadTM offers many new advantages over the old one. For instance, we have optimized the four arrow keypad and menu to improve workflow,” said Morten Bagger, global product manager ABR/OAE. “Once you have placed the probe in your patient’s ear, simply press one button and your device starts testing. After a few seconds, the results will be displayed with a green PASS or red REFER indication— it’s that simple,” said Bagger.

The new OtoReadTM comes with replaceable ear tips and a lightweight probe designed specifically for newborn ears. For user convenience, it also includes a probe holder and a hook for hands-free testing.

An option for all needs
OtoReadTM is available in six versions, allowing clinicians to combine and choose between the test protocols specific to their screening or clinical needs. For instance, it offers the flexibility to conduct full diagnostic DPOAE assessments of up to 12 frequencies providing a great amount of information to the integrity of cochlear function, according to Interacoustics.

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