July 20, 2007
MED-EL Corporation announced today the U.S. Food and Drug Administration approval of the SONATATI100 cochlear implant.
“The SONATATI100 offers cochlear implant candidates and their surgeons a new choice in housing as they evaluate implant options,” said Kim Jackson, Vice President of Clinical Services.  “The smaller incision required for this implant translates to a smaller surgical site – a key consideration for cochlear implant candidates, particularly children, and an alternate surgical approach for surgeons.” More than 1,150 hearing healthcare professionals heard about the SONATATI100, which was approved last year for the EU and other non-US markets, at the biennial International Conference on Cochlear Implants in Charlotte, NC, in April.
Engineered for unparalleled precision and performance, both MED-EL’s SONATATI100 and PULSARCI100 cochlear implants combine the smallest, thinnest and lightest weight implant available with MED-EL’s powerful next generation I100 electronics. This technology is essential for MED-EL’s advanced research and developments in the areas of music enjoyment and speech understanding in difficult listening situations. The SONATATI100 and PULSARCI100 are also “future-ready,” designed to implement future upgrades and enhancements.
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Source: Med-El