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Staff Standpoint

Editor Karl Strom picks the Top HR News Stories of 2012

By Karl Strom, Editor-in-Chief


Cold Hard Decisions: Hiring Another Professional for Your PracticeBy Brian Taylor, AuD, and Gyl HR December 2012 Cover
Kasewurm, AuD

Regardless of the status of the employee you are targeting to bring on board—star free agent, first-round draft pick, or utilityman—both a salary cap and a calculation of labor efficiency can be used to make a data-driven decision. Here’s how to do it.


The Importance of Audibility in Successful Amplification of Hearing Loss

By Ron J. Leavitt, AuD, and Carol Flexer, PhD

This small-scale study suggests that using only the “first-fit” setting has the potential to negate 10+ years’ worth of benefit in premium hearing instrument technology relative to audibility and SNR performance.

The Road to Mapping Cochlear Implants: One Audiologist’s Journey

By Jacqueline Rogers Scholl, AuD

The road to incorporating CI mapping in your practice can be fraught with things that take you “outside your comfort zone.” But, for many practices, it’s a journey well worth taking.

Industry Insider: Audiology Systems Provides New Options in Special Instruments Distribution

By Karl E. Strom

An interview with ASI President Michel Jurgens about his new company that is designed to “bring customer care to a new level.”      

Looking Back at 2012; Moving Forward to 2013

HR’s annual look, from the perspective of industry participants, at the new product and service offerings and events in 2012, as well as what might be expected for 2013 and beyond.

Best Hearing Healthcare Professionals of 2012

A national directory of the top healthcare professionals and select businesses.


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Getting Hired: An HoH Person’s Perspective by Gael Hannan

Van Vliet’s The Final Word

Price vs Service…and The NY Times by Dennis Van Vliet, AuD