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ReSound OMNIA™ cuts through the noise thanks to a scientific breakthrough that delivers 150% improvement to speech understanding in noise, deriving from an increased 4.36 dB SNR improvement compared to their best-in-class legacy products.*

Powered by the industry’s only Organic Hearing, ReSound OMNIA™ brings you a solution that sounds natural, feels natural, and helps your patients connect naturally to mobile devices and the world with ease. Now your patients can hear through the noise and live life to the fullest with ReSound OMNIA™.

Better speech recognition in noise with new binaural beamformer strategy

Hearing aids can improve many aspects of life quality for users, but hearing well in noise remains an area where users may struggle. Directional microphones in hearing aids can help but also have the potential to interfere with users’ ability to follow conversations or keep tabs on their environment. An unwanted impact on sound quality can also be a drawback. The Organic Hearing philosophy followed by ReSound guides a binaural strategy for applying directionality that considers how the brain naturally uses different ways of listening depending on users’ listening goals in different situations, as well as users’ sound quality preferences. ReSound OMNIA™ introduces enhanced directional technology and better control of automatic switching.

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For audiologists to provide the best possible hearing solutions for their patients, it is essential to stay abreast of the latest advancements in hearing aid technology. Download the ReSound whitepaper offering comprehensive insights into ReSound OMNIA™ technology, development and patient benefits.

* Jespersen et al (2022)

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