Starkey announced the addition of new products to its Genesis AI hearing aids, along with new enhancements designed to offer improved benefits to patients and hearing healthcare professionals.

The Genesi AI—which includes a suite of enhanced technological capabilities—features enhanced processor technology, a long-lasting rechargeable battery in a RIC (51 hours from a single charge), a small rechargeable RIC with sensor, improved dynamic range, and more.

New Products Unveiled

Starkey is introducing a new, small 2.4 GHz CIC, now powered by the Starkey Neuro Processor and loaded with the company’s Neuro Sound Technology. Plus, Genesis AI’s all-new ergonomically designed standard case meets the battery flexibility providers and patients desire with the introduction of the Genesis AI RIC 312, according to the company. Both the wireless CIC and the RIC 312 boast 25% more battery life than previous technology.

“At Starkey, we are continuing to push the edge of what is possible,” says Brandon Sawalich, president and CEO of Starkey. “Thanks to unprecedented sound quality in noise and in quiet, more first-fit success and satisfaction, and a patient experience that goes far beyond better hearing, Genesis AI is the hearing technology the industry and its patients deserve.”

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With the launch of Genesis AI, Starkey revealed the all-new Neuro Processor. Packed with six times the transistors and four times the speed, it was created to mimic the function of the central auditory system through an all-new compression system and an on-chip Deep Neural Network (DNN) accelerator. Edge Mode+, Starkey’s second generation intelligent, on-demand feature just got even better with enhancements to the DNN algorithm. It is now trained on a more diverse database of sounds to ensure patients can hear better anywhere they go, the company says.

Additional enhancements to Genesis AI include both professional and patient updates including Offline Mode, improved 2-Way Audio, Feedback Canceller updates, and firmware update notifications through the My Starkey app.

Featured image: Genesis AI. Photo: Starkey