Unitron, Kitchener, Ontario, Canada, has announced the launch of North™, a new sound processing platform that reportedly can distinguish between different types of conversation.

According to Unitron, North’s SoundNav™ technology automatically identifies and classifies seven distinct environments, four focused specifically on conversation. (To learn more about the North platform, visit www.unitron.com/north)

“Conversations don’t just occur in quiet or in noise, and background noise can vary greatly depending on whether you are in small groups, at large events, in the car or on the street,” said Don Hayes, PhD, director of clinical research at Unitron. “The new platform technologies work in harmony so patients automatically experience the best speech understanding— along with natural sound quality— in the widest variety of situations.”

Concurrent with the North launch, Unitron introduces a new generation of its popular receiver-in-canal (RIC) Moxi™ hearing instruments. The all-new Moxi Fit™ features a fluid new look, giving patients the perfect combination of style and functionality with a 312 battery, push button, and telecoil.  Moxi Fit joins Moxi Kiss™ and Moxi Dura™, all available in five technology levels and all built on the North platform.

The new Moxi hearing instruments on the North platform are fully integrated with Unitron’s industry-leading Flex:trial™ program, which lets hearing care professionals send patients home with free trial hearing instruments, and Flex:upgrade™, which facilitates in-clinic technology upgrades as hearing needs change.

Unitron says the North, Moxi, and Flex combination become an even more compelling solution with the introduction of Log It All™, an industry first data logging feature that captures and displays a patient’s experiences with their hearing instruments across seven environments regardless of technology level. This gives hearing care professionals the ability to measure the performance of hearing instruments in everyday use— as well as during trial and upgrade situations—and explain the benefits of different technology levels in a personal way.

“North, Log It All, and Flex work together to empower hearing healthcare professionals to offer better listening with a focus on conversations, better insights into how the technology is performing in the real world, and risk-free hearing instrument trial and upgrade solutions,” said Unitron President Jan Metzdorff. “These are transformative innovations that will help to continue to build trust, increase patient confidence and help foster long-term loyalty between patients and their hearing healthcare providers.”

Source: Unitron