Sonova presented several new products from its Phonak and Unitron brands at the International Congress of Hearing Aid Acousticians (EUHA) in Frankfurt, Germany.


Sonova’s Phonak division introduced a new technology platform called Phonak Quest. Quest is designed to maximize the capabilities of the hearing aid’s microprocessor technology and is based on Phonak’s Binaural VoiceStream Technology®.

Quest offers a broad range of features for high end-user satisfaction in a wide array of soundscapes, including windy and very noisy situations. The new Speech in Wind feature will reportedly increase speech intelligibility by as high as 40%. The new auto StereoZoom will allow an improvement in speech intelligibility of up to 45%, according to the company. 

Based on the Quest platform, Phonak has also introduced the Bolero Q BTE and Phonak Virto Q ITE (pictured). The Phonak Bolero Q portfolio offers a choice of four BTE models in three performance levels. The Phonak Virto Q portfolio is a full ITE portfolio based on Quest, and offers flexibility with a wide range of options, from the tiniest Phonak product to a powerful full-concha model.

Finally, Phonak is introducing Phonak RemoteMic. When combined with the Phonak ComPilot, RemoteMic is designed to takes the strain out of listening to conversations in loud places by streaming voices up to 20 meters away directly into the hearing aids, enhancing speech intelligibility with less effort.


Announced shortly before EUHA, Sonova’s Unitron brand is launching Unitron Flex:trial™and Unitron Flex:upgrade. This new product and service allows hearing health professionals to provide immediate amplification to clients with a flexible, risk-free option for a patient to trial a hearing instrument.

In addition, Flex:upgrade™ delivers the world’s first in-clinic solution to upgrade hearing instruments, according to Unitron. Read more about these two offerings in HR’s earlier story.

Last but not least, Unitron also announced the release of Unitron Max, a new super power hearing aid with Power Adaptation Manager, a new feature that addresses over-amplification, while maximizing speech intelligibility. Read more about Max in an earlier HR news post.

SOURCE: Sonova