Siemens Hearing has expanded its range of ATEX hearing instruments that are certified as being safe and effective in explosive environments. ATEX is a European directive for occupational health equipment used in explosive working environments.

The ATEX certification identifies hearing products that have been tested to work safely with flammable gases, mists, vapors or combustible dusts. Five of Siemens’ hearing aids have been cleared for use in potentially explosive workplaces, such as mines, factories, agricultural silos, rigs, oil and gas platforms, water, and chemical processing environments.

The five ATEX certified Europe-based products include Motion XCEL SX & P (BTEs), the Pure Carat XCEL line (RICs), the Siemens Nitro BTE, and the Siemens Life BTE line.

The fifth product is Aquaris (pictured, right), Siemens’ waterproof digital hearing instrument. Besides being waterproof, Aquaris is also dust and shock-proof. With an optional sports clip, Aquaris stays on the ear in active and industrial working situations.

ATEX certified hearing instruments are available at all European Siemens dispensers. On asking for the ATEX version of the products, users will receive the appropriate certificate, validation card, and an ATEX user guide.

SOURCE: Siemens Hearing Instruments, UK