Siemens Hearing Instruments Inc has announced that its Motion® line of custom hearing instruments will now include XCEL, the new generation of BestSound™ Technology.

Featuring an improved manufacturing process, smaller components, and more flexible designs, Motion offers a wide range of in-the-ear (ITE) hearing aids. With XCEL, Motion wearers will now have the most choices in discretion, comfort, and wireless connectivity.

Motion XCEL hearing aids also include a new nanocoated surface and are available in a full range of performance levels (701, 501, 301, and 101), in all shell sizes, and in five skin tone colors. In addition, VoiceLink™, a new voice transmitter accessory that connects to a companion microphone and delivers sound wirelessly via Siemens’ miniTek®, is also compatible with all Motion XCEL custom hearing aids, including Motion CIC (completely-in-the-canal).

Motion XCEL custom instruments join Pure® XCEL and Pure XCEL Carat, the behind-the-ear (BTE) Motion XCEL models SX and P, and the new Eclipse™ XCEL, a deep-fit CIC hearing aid that is nearly invisible and entails a simple, deep-fit impression procedure.

SOURCE: Siemens Hearing Instruments