With this issue you’ll find Hearing Review Products’ seventh Technology Guide Matrix. It’s hard to believe it was back in October when our first survey of hearing instruments debuted. It seems like just yesterday.

But now’s as good a time as any to look back on what I consider to be a pretty solid achievement. That we provided side-by-side comparisons of RIC/RITE hearing aids, conventional BTEs, power BTEs, full- and half-shell ITEs, ITCs, and this month CICs was unique enough, but that across these seven surveys we profiled hundreds upon hundreds of instruments is, to me, nothing short of remarkable. There was Audina next to Beltone, next to Bernafon, next to Interton, next to Magnatone, next to Oticon, and Phonak, and ReSound, and Rexton, and Sebotek, Siemens, Starkey, Unitron, and Widex. Some of the names may have changed issue to issue, but what you as a reader could always count on was a comprehensive cross section of what’s out there on the market—and that sampling always exceeded what could be presented in this magazine’s pages.

For example, inside this magazine you’ll find one CIC product from 13 companies, but over on Hearingreview.com you’ll find a total of 57 products from those same 13 manufacturers waiting for you to download. And the Hearing Review archives are chock full of PDFs of the first six surveys waiting for you, too.

Will Campbell
[email protected]