Auricle Ink Publishers will offer in April a new release of Hearing Aids: The First 30 Days, by Jess Dancer, EdD, professor emeritus of audiology.

“This little 72-page book invites new hearing aid wearers to read two pages each day to gain the benefit, insights, and wisdom to make it through the first 30 days," says Richard Carmen, Auricle’s publisher. "While readers will know what this is about, this word trial is actually never used in the book.”

Judi Biederman, editor at ADVANCE for Audiologists, says the instructive handbook takes new hearing aid wearers on a wonderful journey. "It should be standard issue with every new hearing aid dispensed,” she says.

Also due for release in April is the third edition of The Consumer Handbook on Hearing Loss and Hearing Aids: A Bridge to Healing, Richard E. Carmen, AuD, editor. Distinguished audiologists, physicians, and scientists have contributed chapters and knowledge on hearing loss issues of concern to consumers. A couple of chapters have been retired, and others have been revised and updated, most notably the chapter on hearing aids, as a result of many changes in technology since 2004.

Added to the new edition are chapters on tinnitus (Grant Searchfield, PhD), telecoils and wireless assistive listening (David Myers, PhD), assistive technologies (Laine Waggoner, MS), and new Q-and-A’s. The title is available in hard and soft covers.

Excerpts of all books are viewable at Standard and bulk order discounts are available by calling (928) 284-0860 for a catalog or more information.