Minneapolis, Minn — Hansaton USA has released a new line of Power BTE hearing aids. The company has released AURIGA, VENETO, LUMEO and CEMIA Power BTEs that have a gain of up to 75 dB.

Hansaton is categorizing the new hearing systems into airline-like classes: Patients can choose AURIGA First Class, VENETO Business Class, LUMEO Comfort Class, and CEMIA Economy Class. The platform includes unique features such as Speech Beam (AURIGA only), Active Feedback Block 2G, and Situation Optimizer.

The line also includes Bluetooth-enabled remote controls. The Media Remote and smaller, lightweight miniMedia Remote (available soon) transmit audio signals automatically and provide all functions of a standard remote control.

The remotes can also synchronize to all modern audio and entertainment devices with the Hansaton hearing systems. The new Power BTE systems can also operate with a standard remote control, such as the eMote2 .

The models have extensive color options with eight natural colors and five fresh tones designed for children (pictured).

More information is available at www.hansaton-usa.com.

SOURCE: Hansaton USA