Dutch hearing aid manufacturer ExSilent has appointed Caroline Ammerlaan as its new managing director, replacing Wouter Haak.

The ExSilent press release credited Haak with leading the company through a phase of improvements in R&D and technology and said that Ammerlaan would now lead ExSilent through its next phase of commercial growth.

Ammerlaan began at ExSilent a year and a half ago as its chief financial officer and was responsible for finance, quality assurance, and regulatory affairs. Since then, the company said that she has gained experience in all aspects of ExSilent and the hearing aid industry. 

The rest of the ExSilent management team will remain unchanged.

In 2005, ExSilent started as a small innovative R&D and design driven company that laid the foundation for its first two hearing aids presented to the market, the Q and the Qleaf. Since then, the company has launched the Qleaf Pro and the Ytango with the MaRiC (microphone and receiver in canal), which now represent the majority of ExSilent’s worldwide sales.

SOURCE: ExSilent