April 11, 2007

In an effort to increase services to audiology practices, CreditCare (carecredit.com) has promoted Terry Silance to national director of sales, audiology/ENT. Silance, who joined CareCredit in 2003, will head a team of professionals dedicated to addressing the needs of audiology practices looking to use CreditCare to help patients improve their hearing health and increase practices’ bottom lines.

CareCredit  patient financing programs seek to impact growth and revenue among audiology practices. According to an October 2004 study issued by CareCredit, patients spend approximately $1000 more for optimal hearing aids when given the opportunity to make low monthly payments with CareCredit’s Payment Plans.

According to CareCredit, audiology practices that use CareCredit payment plans can help remove cost as a barrier to optimal hearing aid technology, improve patient satisfaction, and increase sales. CareCredit programs allow practices to receive payment within two business days, a feature that the company reports reduces billing and collections costs.

For more information about CareCredit, call 800-300-3046, ext. 4519 or e-mail [email protected].

Source: CareCredit