America Hears, Philadelphia, introduces its FreedomAD line of hearing aids featuring the 32-channel ADRO® (adaptive dynamic range optimization) technology. Scientific studies have shown that hearing aid users prefer ADRO to compression 74% of the time, the company reports.

FreedomAD hearing aids deliver a multiple-channel noise suppression module and an adaptive feedback canceller module. Additionally, these aids utilize an adaptive directional microphone that is not only power efficient, but can adapt into and out of an omnidirectional mode while optimizing the polar pattern for the listener. The devices also employ patented ultra low delay digital sound processing.

The FreedomAD is an open fit style instrument that sits behind the ear and uses thin acoustic tubing. This hearing aid delivers an ultra-small, lightweight design with no occlusion. Other products in this line include BTE and custom fit ITE models.

“Our new FreedomAD hearing aids represent an exciting new direction for America Hears,” says Henry Smith, company president. “We are constantly striving to offer the latest and best hearing aid technology to our customers at a reasonable price, all while continuing to deliver exceptional customer service and support.”

[SOURCE: PR.com, August 10, 2006]