With the introduction of the AQ jam SHD with lithium-ion batteries, the Hamburg, Germany-based hearing system manufacturer HANSATON announced it is adding a behind-the-ear model to its portfolio of rechargeable hearing systems with SHD technology.

Like the AQ sound SHD, a rechargeable RIC hearing system released in Spring 2017, HANSATON’s AQ jam SHD behind-the-ear model has a lithium-ion battery designed to “guarantee” hearing system users 24 hours of battery runtime* and optimum sound quality, according to the company’s press release.

As Daniel Maas, business director HANSATON sales Germany, puts it: “Over the past twenty-plus years, HANSATON has compiled a wealth of expertise and experience in the area of rechargeable battery technology. We are so convinced of the merits of our AQ SHD series models that we are offering our German customers a five-year warranty on their lithium-ion batteries—as an extra promise of quality, so to speak.

“And now, for the first time,” he adds, “the AQ SHD series is also available in Performance Level 3 or Economy Class. So, depending on what our hearing system customers want and need, they have their choice of systems in Performance Levels 3, 5, 7, or 9.”

The rechargeable HANSATON AQ jam SHD hearing system with clever charging accessories

The rechargeable HANSATON AQ jam SHD hearing system with clever charging accessories

As with other rechargeable battery-powered external receiver systems, the behind-the-ear model is a plasma-coated system that meets the high standards of IP68 certification, according to HANSATON. Both models in the rechargeable AQ SHD series are available in eight color combinations and have charging accessories available. The white Comfort Charger base station is designed to protect and dry the hearing systems while charging them at the same time. Users who find themselves with no plugs available can equip their Comfort Charger stations with a mobile Comfort Power Pack charging solution that is said to provide enough power for an additional seven charging cycles. The compact Light Charger is also available as a workplace solution.

*Expected running time of 24 hours when fully charged, including 80 minutes of wireless streaming