The Fennex augmented hearing app has launched a new version, Fennex AG announced. Fennex AG is a Switzerland-based innovation lab focused on augmented hearing. Fennex 2.0 has new features like a simplified interface and the new version has been designed to include what Fennex AG says is “greater personalization of the hearing experience” with a feature that enables or disables hearing correction based on the results of a hearing test. The company reports 100,000 downloads to date, which Fennex AG attributes to compatibility with Apple AirPods.

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“Exactly one year after the company launch, we have achieved two important milestones,” said Fennex Co-founder and CEO Alex Mari, of the iOS app. “Firstly, we completed a second version of Fennex with substantial usability and technical improvements in line with our users’ wishes. We are focusing our energy on the development of proprietary algorithms, for example, to reduce annoying background noise while preserving the quality of the speech. Secondly, we have reached 100,000 users of which 30,000 are active on the app monthly. An impressive 75% of those users are from North America.”

Another new feature called “Background Noise Reduction,” was tested by 600 Fennex beta users who utilized the app prior to its public release. To facilitate this new functionality, according to Fennex AG, an algorithm in the app is designed to analyze surrounding sounds for three seconds to detect noise. Then, a feature that Fennex refers to as an “audio mask” is created in real time that is designed to filter out those frequencies identified as noise. According to the company, this new feature is in line with the Fennex vision to improve peoples’ social experiences in tough listening situations.

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“Supported by a corporate partner, the Fennex mobile app is slated to secure one million users in the next few months through product optimization and offering expansion,” said Mari.

The Fennex app is now available in 13 languages. For more information visit

Source: Fennex AG

Images: Fennex AG