Syracuse, NY – Under a new product initiative with Siemens Hearing Instruments, EarQ will now provide its network of hearing health care providers with a variety of the most popular Siemens Hearing products under the EarQ label.

Ed Keller, founder and president of EarQ, stated in the press release, “We’re elated about this partnership, and offering the high-quality components and innovative designs that the Siemens reputation represents under the EarQ label,” said Keller.

Scott Davis, CEO of Siemens Hearing added in the announcement, “Diversifying our sales interests will help deliver our innovative products to a larger audience. We are excited to utilize the outstanding service and professionalism provided by the EarQ network. This is a great example of two organizations working together to provide the absolute best hearing solutions for patients nationwide.”

Under EarQ’s new private label, the selected Siemens products will be available to EarQ’s 1,400 member locations across the United States.

“This is an important step for EarQ in building its brand value," said Keller. "We will now be providing members with our exclusive EarQ brand utilizing four individual manufacturers’ technologies."

Keller also explained that by utilizing the unique EarQ brand, its member hearing practices will be protected from internet shopping, as well as set themselves apart from their competition.

He noted that the EarQ labeled products will also include EarQ’s 4-year warranty.