April 23, 2008

Williams Sound announces the 20th anniversary of the RingMax amplified call ringer in North America. 

The company reports that prior to 1988, individuals who had difficulty hearing the telephone ring had limited product solutions available to them. Williams Sound says it responded to what it terms, "A void in the marketplace," and introduced the RingMax amplified call ringer. Today, the RingMax is a staple in the Williams Sound lineup of assistive listening products, and can be purchased at hearing product dealers throughout North America.

A company news release reports the RingMax has 95dB of powerful amplification and flashing ring indicator to ensure home and business residents do not miss important calls, even in noisy surroundings. The device is designed to be ideal for the shop, garage, or any remote location where hearing the telephone is difficult. The RingMax can be mounted on a wall and easily connects to an existing telephone line. Users can select up to 16 ring tones to meet their hearing preference.  Battery backup ensures calls will be heard any time, even during a power outage.

The RingMax also works in conjunction with other amplified telephone products such as the Williams Sound Teletalker and PhoneMax.

More information is available at [email protected].

Source: Williams Sound