Bloomington, Minn – The British Virgin Islands (BVI) may be beautiful, but many communities do not have a single audiologist to serve the needs of residents with hearing loss. Seeing this need, ReSound recently finished a mission to BVI, donating more than $100,000 in Alera™ hearing aids, wireless accessories, and fitting services to 14 underprivileged children.

ReSound partnered with a number of United States audiologists and students from NOVA Southeastern University in Florida to fit hearing aids for 14 underprivileged children identified by the audiology unit of the BVI Health Services Authority.

"During our visit, we conducted a number of hearing tests using different technologies," said Dr Meredith Buemi, Ress Institute. "Some children received the standard hearing test, which entails raising the hand or pushing a button when a tone is heard. Younger children and children with other handicaps received electrophysiological testing, where measuring electrodes were placed on the head to pick up the brain waves."

The normal cost of a standard hearing test ranges from $125 to $250; electrophysiological testing ranges from $250 to $300; and fitting the hearing aid would have cost about $5,000 per child. Since there is no audiologist on the island, ReSound also provided backup hearing aids.

ReSound donated a total of 54 Alera hearing aids, 200 receivers, 17 Unite™ remote controls, 17 Unite Mini Microphones, and two Airlink wireless fitting accessories, resulting in a total monetary equivalent of $127,550.

The Unite Mini Microphone wireless accessories will be used by the children’s teachers so that the kids with hearing aids are able to directly hear their teachers’ voices without background noise.